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Lift-the-DOT Canvas Stud

Made in the United States of America

Nickel-plated brass Lift-the-DOT® canopy stud and backing plate are useful for fixing boat canopies together.

Lift the Dot Canvas Peg

By Dot Fasteners
Part #: HF062
Availability: In Stock

Lift-the-DOT Canvas Stud

Nickel-plated brass Lift-the-DOT® canopy studs and backing plates are useful for fixing boat canopies together. This fitting accepts the Lift-the-DOT Canopy Socket and can be used to hold together boat canopies and hoods with a tight clasp.

The Lift-the-DOT canopy peg can be installed on several materials including canvas and vinyl hoods. The two 'wings' on the back of the stud can be inserted carefully into the material, then through the backing plate and folded over to lock the stud into position. The Lift the Dot Socket can then be placed onto the stud for secure use.

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