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Lock Key Windlass

Made in the United Kingdom

A detachable crank key used for opening lock paddles with two socket sizes for use on different lock designs.

Steel 2 Head Lock Key Windlass

Part #: FE303
Availability: In Stock

Steel 4 Head Lock Key Windlass

Part #: FE304
Availability: Not Currently Available

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Lock Key Windlass

Galvanized lock key windlass which has been manufactured with the two most common lock windlass socket sizes within the British Waterways.

The 'L' shape design provides enough leverage to wind the lock paddle up or down. The handle is also long enough for two hands to hold and apply pressure to wind the paddles.

The overall length of the lock windlass is a happy medium, long enough to reduce effort of turning yet short enough not to get in the way.

Lock 'windlass' can also be known as 'lock keys', 'iron', 'lock handle' or simply 'key'.

Lock Key Windlass Specifications

  FE303 FE304
Handle Length 220mm 230mm
Head Length 290mm 360mm
Handle Diametre 16mm 16mm

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