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Louvre Vent Grille - 127 x 115mm

A static stainless steel ventilation louvre grille front, which is useful for covering internal ventilation holes.

Stainless Steel 127 x 115mm Louvre Vent Grille

Part #: FF004A
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Louvre Vent Grille - 127 x 115mm

This stainless steel static ventilation 127 x 115mm louvre grille vent is useful for covering internal ventilation holes which are usually required for the Boat Safety Scheme regulations.

This louvre boat vent grille provides an attractive cover to vent holes, allowing additional airflow around items, such as refrigerators, to ensure there is enough air circulation. The louvre design means that it prevents the full force of the air from passing directly through the vent which helps to dampen any draught.

This vent grille can be installed using the six fixing holes. These vents can come with either countersunk holes or flat holes. Both versions of the vent can be fitted with No. 6 Pan Head screws.


Length 127mm
Height 112mm
Depth 4mm
Fixing Hole Centres 56 & 101mm
Material Stainless Steel

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