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ECS Low Profile Ventilite Vent

ECS stainless steel low profile weatherproof ventilation vents with a clear plastic insert, flyscreen, and fixing screws.

ECS Ventilite Clear Vent with Stainless Steel Cover

By EC Smith : 4205
Part #: DF249B
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ECS Low Profile Ventilite Vent

With the low profile, weatherproof and minimalist design the EC Smith stainless steel vent provides a strong and robust ventilation solution specifically designed for marine use. Easily installed, mountable at any angle, and manufactured from stainless steel which is designed to resist corrosion for long life.

These ECS tannoy boat vents are provided complete with a clear plastic insert vent, a fly screen, rubber seal and fixing screws.

Although these vents are exceptionally popular, they are not always the first choice when complying with the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), as their weather resistance restricts their airflow when compared to other ventilators of the same or smaller diameter.


Vent Outer Polished Stainless Steel
Vent Inner Clear Plastic
Height 33mm
Internal Diameter 91mm
External Diameter 230mm

What's Included

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