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Mains Trailing Socket Adapter

An adapter to convert a 16 Amp IP44 site socket to a 13 Amp mains socket.

Mains Trailing Socket Adapter - IP44 (Blue)

Part #: EL220
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Mains Trailing Socket Adapter

This trailing socket converts a 16 Amp three pin IP44 round site socket (generally blue) to a three pin 13 Amp common mains socket which allows the use of everyday household appliances and extension cables.

  • IP44 16 Amp Plug (Male) to Standard Household 13 Amp Socket (Female)

The IP44 site plugs sockets are commonly used in marinas and boatyards to provide outdoor power.

Mains Trailing Socket Adapter Specifications

Overall Length 455mm
Plug Diameter 44mm (for 50mm IP44 (female) sockets)
Amp Conversion 16 amp IP44 / 13 amp Mains
Please Note

The 13A mains socket is not protected from the elements and therefore is not IP rated.

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