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Marlow Navy 3 Strand Rope

A general purpose navy blue three strand polyester rope that can be easily spliced.

Marlow Navy 3 Strand Rope - 8mm x 1m

By Marlow Ropes : AA0141
Part #: RP012
Availability: Good Availability

Marlow Navy 3 Strand Rope - 10mm x 1m

By Marlow Ropes : AA0168
Part #: RP025
Availability: Good Availability


Marlow Navy 3 Strand Rope

Marlow 3 strand polyester rope is a good general purpose boating rope. This rope can be very easily spliced, it has good abrasion resistant properties and will not lose strength when wet.

This boat rope is ideal for use as a boat mooring line or control line.


  RP012 RP025
Diameter 8mm 10mm
Colour Navy Blue Navy Blue
Average Break Point (kg) 1465 2570
Weight (kg per 100m) 4.80 7.85
Please Note

Break Load information is provided by the supplier. Ropes from the Reel, once cut to a bespoke length, cannot be returned.

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