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Mooring Stakes

Made in the United Kingdom

Solid zinc plated mooring stake pins which can provide a sturdy mooring post when inserted into the ground.

Mooring Stake Pin - 18mm x 600mm

Part #: FE025
Availability: In Stock
SRP £17.00
You Save £3.01 (18%)

Mooring Stake Pin - 20mm X 750mm

Part #: FE025B
Availability: In Stock
SRP £19.60
You Save £1.61 (8%)


Mooring Stakes

These mooring stakes are extremely robust and weather resistant. The mooring pins are manufactured with a shielded top to help protect your hands when hitting the top with a lump hammer and spiked end to help make it easier to put into the ground.

The boat mooring stake comes complete with a strong eye welded towards the top of the pin which provides a good anchoring hole tying mooring ropes to.

Mooring stakes are a useful tool to have onboard in case no anchoring point on the bank of the river or canal can be found.

The nature of the mooring pins shape means it is very easy to stow away safely when not in use without taking up too much space.


  FE025 FE025A FE025B
Length 600mm 750mm 750mm
Diameter 18mm 18mm 20mm

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