Morris K99 Stern Tube Grease

Morris K99 Stern Tube Grease

A thin water resistant water pump and stern grease that is suitable for boat stern glands with a remote greaser.

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Morris K99 Stern Tube Grease (CM031B)

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Morris K99 Stern Tube Grease Information

Morris Lubricants K99 water resistant grease for log and stern glands is one of the most popular water resistant greases which is thin enough to pass through the tubes of most remote greasers.

K99 Grease is also useful for greasing boat rudders, stern glands and engine water pumps as well as anywhere else on the boat requiring a water resistant calcium based grease.

Morris K99 Grease is suitable for plain and antifriction bearings being used in wet conditions and features a high degree of water resistance, excellent corrosion protection and good sealing properties.

Morris K99 Grease with Remote Greasers

It is important to use a thin grease with remote stern greasers so that the grease can pass through the system easily. Using thick stern gland grease can cause the grease system to clog up and become ineffective.

Morris K99 Stern Tube Grease Specification

Quantity 500g
Grease Type Calcium
Grease Consistency NLGI 2, NLGI 3

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