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Navi Light Glo Safety Torch

A glow in the dark, waterproof super bright, long lasting torchlight.

Part #: SY007A
Availability: In Stock


Navi Light Glo Safety Torch

Navi light Glo is fitted with a six LED cluster for outstanding torch performance coupled with low power consumption. The LED cluster additionally has a strobe light function making it an excellent beacon in an emergency situation.

It also has a magnetic switch and a double rubber seal ensuring full water resistance up to 200m. Built in a shock resistant body with wrist/neck strap Navi light Glo is the perfect accessory whether you're out boating, camping or around the home.

The time you need a torch most is when it's dark and you can't find it. With its glowing body the Navi light Glo is instantly found in the dark. The torch actually illuminates its handle for up to 8 hours after just 10 minutes of daylight.

Unique New Technology: Navi light Glo has a Glow in the Dark system that is based on strontium technology and the colours glow up to 7 times brighter than old style zinc sulphide materials and can keep glowing for over 8 hours on each recharge of light.

Navi Light Glo Safety Torch Specifications

Length 105mm
Diameter 40mm
Weight 122g
Water Resistance 200m
Batteries 2x AA (Included)

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