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Nuova Rade Small Battery Box

Acid resistant battery box for upto 80Ah batteries with fixing strap and a removable lid.

Nuova Rade Battery Box

By Nuova Rade : 196508
Part #: BB001A
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Nuova Rade Small Battery Box

The Nuova Rade small battery box is designed with a 'cut-in-half' feature which means the lid and the box are almost the same height as each other. This can be particularly useful in areas where battery access is difficult.

The boat battery boxes are manufactured from acid resistant materials helping to prevent acid that may leak from a battery causing further problems to the boat. They come complete with a fixing strap to attach the box to the boat to ensure it can't move.

Freeman Cruiser Battery Box

Due to the low height of the Nuova Rade small battery, they fit well into the compact battery compartment as found on many of the smaller Freeman Boats, such as the freeman 22 Mk1, Freeman 22 Mk2 and Freeman 23.

Battery Boxes and the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS)

Boat battery boxes are a common safety device that many waterways safety schemes, such as the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS), enforce. It is important to discuss specifics with your examiner to make sure you comply with current rules applicable to your situation.


Total Length when Closed 344mm
Total Width when Closed 233mm
Total Height when Closed 250mm
Internal Length 275mm
Internal Width 192mm
Internal Height 200mm
Box Length 300mm
Box Width 200mm
Box Height 145mm
Lid Length 306mm
Lid Width 233mm
Lid Height 132mm
Suggested Battery Up to 80Ah

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