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Nylon Canopy End Plugs

Nylon & stainless steel canopy bar end plug that provides a pivoting support point for canopy bars and can be attached to a variety of supports.

Nylon Canopy End Plug for 3/4" Tube 16 SWG

Part #: HF601A
Availability: In Stock

Nylon Canopy End Plug for 3/4" Tube 18 SWG

Part #: HF601B
Availability: In Stock

Nylon Canopy End Plugs

These nylon and stainless steel canopy (hood) tube end plugs are designed to be inserted in to the end of the canopy bar to allow for attachment on to deck or slide mounted canopy fittings. There is a small hole in the nylon body to facilitate fixing a screw or rivet through the tube into the end plug.


  HF601A HF601B
External Diameter 19mm (3/4")
Internal Diameter 15.9mm 16.7mm
Tube Diameter 19mm (3/4") 19mm (3/4")
Tube Wall Thickness 1.6mm (16 SWG) 1.2mm (18 SWG)
Length 53mm
Connecting Bar Length 22mm
Connecting Bar Width 3mm
Connecting Pin Diameter 8mm
Material Nylon & A4 (316) Stainless Steel

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