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Nylon Canopy Slide Kit

A kit of nylon & stainless steel fittings to create a sliding hood bar.

Part #: HF074
Availability: In Stock

Nylon Canopy Slide Kit

This canopy (hood) bar sliding kit provides a simple solution for creating a sliding canopy set up on your boat. The kit provides the main components to convert a piece of tube or an off cut into a sliding canopy support.

A sliding canopy can be particularly useful when you have canopy bars that pivot from a central point, the kit allows you to split the bars and have one bar sliding and one bar static. The kit still allows the canopy bars to be dropped down when the canopy is not in use.

The Nylon Canopy Slide Kit includes

  • Canopy end caps (x3)
  • Slide bar spacers (x2)
  • Canopy bar clamp

Please note: The canopy slide kit provides the main sliding and support components. However, the slide bar itself is not supplied.

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