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Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment

A marine safe environmentally friendly holding tank treatment to completely eliminate odours.

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Odourlos Holding Tank Treatment

Odourlos (Odorlos) is a holding tank treatment which aids the breakdown of waste to eliminate all holding tank smells and leave you without the nasty smell that is so often apparent around boats with holding tanks.

The treatment is a blend of enzymes, friendly bacteria and surfactants (compounds that lower the surface tension of the liquid) which help to break down waste and tissue. Odourlos (Odorlos) is 100% organic, biodegradable and suitable for any black water tank system and chemically sensitive people.

It is recommended not to use Odourlos with any other holding tank treatment, so it's a good idea to flush the system through before you start using the treatment.

Odourlos comes in a handy dosage bottle making it easy to use and harder to spill! (although it's also non staining, but it's recommended you wash your hands afterwards). Just add 25ml of Odourlos (Odorlos) per 90 litres of holding tank capacity.

Our thoughts...

What's the difference between Odourlos and Odorlos? - Not a lot, Odourlos is made in the UK and Odorlos is made in the USA. According to the manufacturers they are very similar chemicals and they both do the same job.


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