Perko Large Hatch Fastener

Perko Large Hatch Fastener

Pressure toggle fastener with easy release and grip locating handle.

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Perko Large Hatch Fastener (DF322)

Part No.: 769-DP-CHR
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Perko Large Hatch Fastener Information

This chrome plated Perko hatch fastener has an easy to use pressure action handle for sealing and releasing the toggle from the locating base plate. It has a pivoting neck which allows the tightening screw to be moved out of the way and also increases the installation possibilities. It also has a rubber seal placed between two stainless steel washers for quiet locking and releasing.

This catch can be useful as a boat hatch fastener or window catch or stay.

Perko Hatch Fastener Specifications

Base Length 40mm
Base Width 18mm
Base Height 22mm
Fixing Hole Centres 28mm
Bar Length 65mm
Handle Length 60mm
Locating Base Length 40mm
Locating Base Width 18mm
Locating Base Height 22mm

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