Buoyancy Aid Lifejacket 3-10Kg (Age 1-2)

Plastimo Baby Buoyancy Life Jacket

A 100 Newton baby life jacket with self-righting capacity, large head support, grab handles and adjustable safety straps.

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Plastimo Buoyancy Lifejacket 3-8Kg (SY024)


Plastimo Baby Buoyancy Life Jacket Information

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We have found these life jackets to be particularly good for smaller children as they are not easily damaged.

They do not have an internal air bladder to puncher or a compressed gas cannister to replace if the wearer wishes to use the life

This highly visible and robust baby life jacket features 100N (Newtons) of buoyancy which makes them technically life jackets as opposed to buoyancy aids. They are great for cruising and feature reflective panels, a whistle, easy fastening buckles and a grab handle.

The life jackets are suitable for children from approximately 1 to 2 years of age (the ages are a guide only and the life jackets should be purchased based on the weight of the child).

The traditional foam life jackets are generally recommended for babies, toddlers and most children as they always provide positive buoyancy and are difficult to damage and cannot be 'set off' by accident!

Safety features of the life jackets include:

  • 100 Netwons of buoyancy
  • Self-righting capability which aims to support the wearers head out of the water
  • The enlarged collar offers increased buoyancy and improved head support
  • Fluorescent orange polyester outer shell for optimum visibility
  • Retro-reflecting stripes for night-time recognition
  • Adjustable waist belt with plastic buckle
  • Adjustable quick-fit crutch strap with plastic buckle
  • Safety whistle
  • Grab handle on the back to aid retrieval
  • Safety loop to attach a safety line

It maybe a good idea to let your child test their new life jacket (or boat coat for those who need a little encouragement!) in a swimming pool where they can get a feel for the buoyant jacket while you remain in control - and it is fun!.

It is advisable that these baby life jackets are tried on immediately upon receipt to ensure correct fitting and sizing for the wearer.

A buoyancy aid or a life jacket?

The difference between a buoyancy aid and a life jacket is the amount of buoyancy and the ability of the jacket to 'self right' the wearer.

All children's floatation devices (life jackets, buoyancy aids etc.) are classified as life jackets as any life jacket for those under 30Kg must offer 100N (Newtons) of buoyancy and self right the child. A life jacket keeps the child safely on their back and provides enough buoyancy for use in different river and sea conditions.

Plastimo Baby Buoyancy Life Jacket Specification

Buoyancy 100 Newtons
Child's Weight 3-8kg
Child's Chest Size 35-50cm
Age (approximate only) 1-2 years
Standards Rating EN 395
For use in (as a guide only) Sheltered Waters

Please note: Although all care is taken to best describe a life jackets suitability in terms of size, weight, age etc it must be understood that life jackets require an element of 'fitting' to a child. It maybe necessary to 'try-on-for-size' before purchasing to ensure the life jacket is suitable for your circumstances.

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