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Plastimo Brittania Pine Oars

A varnished wooden oar made from quality pine with a wide 12cm blade, reinforced blade tip, shaped handle, oar collar and finished in hard wearing polyurethane varnish.

Plastimo Brittania 1.65m Pine Oar

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Plastimo Brittania 1.8m Pine Oar

By Plastimo : P16548
Part #: BF400
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Plastimo Brittania Pine Oars

This Plastimo Brittania Rowing Boat Oars are varnished wooden oars made from quality pine with wide 12cm blades, reinforced blade tips, shaped handles, oar collars and finished in hard wearing polyurethane varnish.

The oar blade is shaped for better efficiency when rowing and the handle is designed to allow your palm to 'roll' around whilst rowing improving the comfort for the rower.

The hard wearing polyurethane varnish finish keeps the oars in good condition for longer giving the oar a hard protective shell which also helps repel the water. The reinforced oar tip strengthens the most delicate part of the oar, making it less likely that the oar will become damaged if you scrape the bottom or when using it to push your boat off from the side.

Choosing the Right Oar Length

It is vital that you pick the correct length of oar for your boat in order to increase your efficiency while rowing. If the oar is too short it won't go deep enough in the water and therefore you will not have as much leverage to propel your boat forwards. If the oars are too long then they will be harder to row with and they may not lift high enough above the water while on the out stroke.

Generally speaking the rule is to take half the beam of the boat in feet (the widest point, which is generally where the rowlocks would be situated), and times it by three and add six inches (1/2 the beam x 3 + 6 = length). This formula should give you your oar length in feet.


  BF401 BF400
Length 1.65m (5ft 4") 1.80m (5ft 9")
Blade Width 12cm
Oar Diameter 45mm
Oar Collar Diameter 50mm
Distance from Blade Tip to Bottom of Collar 109cm 120cm
Distance from Top of Collar to Handle 43cm 47cm
Material Wood

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