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Plastimo Pilot Manual Lifejackets

Plastimo Pilot 165 slim-line, 'one-size-fits-all' adult manual inflatable life jacket that inflates and provides buoyancy when manually triggered.

Plastimo Pilot 165 Blue Manual Lifejacket

By Plastimo : 66783
Part #: SY032A
Availability: Available in 5-7 days
SRP £89.99
You Save £10.00 (11%)

Plastimo Pilot Red 165 Manual Lifejacket

By Plastimo : 66781
Part #: SY032B
Availability: Available in 5-7 days
SRP £91.28
You Save £11.29 (12%)

Plastimo Pilot Black 165 Manual Lifejacket

By Plastimo : 66785
Part #: SY032C
Availability: Available in 5-7 days
SRP £91.28
You Save £11.29 (12%)


Plastimo Pilot Manual Lifejackets

This slim-line life jacket has been designed to be as compact as possible so that it is practical to wear all the time whilst cruising. This style of life jacket is extremely comfortable and non-intrusive to cruising activity as it is fairly lightweight, ergonomically designed to sit suitably around the body, and made from robust materials.

The manual system of inflation relies on the operator pulling the tag to engage the firing mechanism.

Complete with a buckle catch for fastening the life jacket on and a fully adjustable waist belt with back support to make it as comfortable as possible..., there are the 'hidden' benefits too - which we all hope we will never have to see in a real situation.

This adult life jacket produces 150 Newtons of buoyancy when inflated with self-righting capacity - meaning that the jacket will turn you onto your back within 5 seconds so that your face is out of the water, whilst supporting the head all around: on both sides of the head and at the back.

Importantly, this life jacket has independent air chambers which is useful in case the jacket is partly damaged in a situation, however, the chambers are protected by a very resistant, highly visible, yellow outer cover to help prevent damage. Inflated with 33g Carbon Dioxide gas cylinder, and in the event of a failed inflation an oral inflation tube with a non-return valve is easy to hand - this can also be used to top up the air chambers if necessary.

Plastimo ISO Pilot Lifejacket Exterior

The two-toned, attractive, yet robust protective outer cover is designed to be appealing to wear at all times when on a boat and is an efficient protective cover for the internal air bladder and firing mechanism.

Key features:

  • Two-toned colour design
  • Twin shoulder reflective strips
  • Quick-release waist buckle
  • Wrap-around adjustable waist strap
  • Secure velcro fastening (that will release if the bladder is inflated)
  • Manufactured from robust polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and polyacetal
  • Resistance to UV rays, sea & hydrocarbons, heat, corrosion, pull and tear and abrasion

Plastimo ISO Pilot Lifejacket Interior

The interior of the Plastimo Pilot lifejacket is a completely independent air chamber that is brightly coloured yellow with several retro-reflective tape sections for heightened visibility.

Key features:

  • Highly visible, bright yellow design
  • Fully independent air chamber
  • 300cm² retro-reflecting tape
  • 150 Newtons inflated lifejacket
  • Self-righting capacity
  • Carbon Dioxide gas cylinder (33g)
  • Water-dissolving crystal firing mechanism (fires when immersed in water)
  • Manual pull cord for inflating the air chamber
  • Tube for oral inflation which features a non-return valve
  • Grab handle (for helping to hoist wearer out of the water)
  • A whistle secured to a lanyard is clipped inside the jacket for an audible signal
  • Manufactured from robust polyester, polypropylene, polyamide and polyacetal
  • Resistance to UV-rays, Sea & hydrocarbons, heat, corrosion, pull and tear and abrasion.


Inner Colour Yellow
Buoyancy 150 Newtons
Waistline 60-130cm
Standards Rating ISO 12402-3
For use in (as a guide only) Sheltered waters, costal & offshore with foul weather clothing.

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