Transformer 230V-12V

Power Transformer

A 230 volt AC to 12 volt DC power transformer for converting mains AC power into 12 volt DC power which is useful for boat cool boxes and fridges.

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Power Transformer 230V-12V (RF950)

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Power Transformer Information

This power transformer is designed to convert AC power supply to DC power supply. The transformer will convert 220-240 volt AC power to 12 volt DC power which is used on more frequently onboard boats.

If you have 12 volt appliances it means that you can use or charge 12 volt products from the majority of UK plug sockets (3 pin standard) found at home.

When might I use this?

The benefit of using a power transformer can be highlighted if you have a 12 volt cool box. With the transformer you can run the cool box at home so that it gets to the required temperature before you place the food or drink into the box. You can then transfer your cool box to your car and plug it into a 12 volt socket running off the car battery. Once at the boat, simple transfer the cool box to the onboard 12 volt  supply.

Power Transformer Specifications

Input Voltage 220-240v
Output Voltage 12v
Output Current 5 amps
Input Power 69 watt
Output Power 60 watt
No Load Power Consumption less than 0.5w
Length 130mm
Width 50mm
Height 35mm
Wire Length 2m

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