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Propex Additional Ducting Outlet Kit

Propex Heatsource HS2000 and HS2800 additional ducting outlet kit.

Propex HS2000 Ducting Outlet Kit

By Propex : 2000/1
Part #: BC160A
Availability: In Stock

Propex HS2800 Ducting Outlet Kit

By Propex : 2800/1
Part #: BC160B
Availability: Not Currently Available

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Propex Additional Ducting Outlet Kit

The Propex outlet kit includes a closeable vent outlet, a length of ducting, a ducting Y branch, hose clips and screws for attaching the vent outlet. The kit allows you to add an additional hot air outlet to your Propex Heatsource gas heater.

The additional outlet kit includes:

  • Propex Closeable Vent Outlet
  • Ducting (Approximately 1M)
  • Propex Ducting Y Branch
  • Hose Clips (x4)
  • Vent Outlet Screws (x4)

The additional ducting kits are available in two different models to suit the Propex HS2000 or HS2800 gas heaters which use different diameter ducting.

Remember that the current range of Propex heaters, the HS2000 and HS2800 are designed for a maximum of three outputs with no more than 5 metres of ducting from the heater.

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