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Propex Heatsource Marine Flue/Exhaust Pipes

Propex Heatsource HS2000 and HS2800 stainless steel flue or exhaust pipe for marine installations.

Propex HS2000 Marine Flue Pipe

By Propex : 811B/812
Part #: BC167A
Availability: In Stock

Propex Heatsource Marine Flue/Exhaust Pipes

The Propex stainless steel flue/exhaust pipe comes in 1 metre lengths, it is extremely durable and flexible. The pipe can be used as either the flue or exhaust pipe on Propex Heatsource marine gas heaters.

  • The HS2000 version is suitable for:
    • HS2000 (Current Propex Heater Model)
    • HS1600 (Old Propex Heater Model)
    • HS1800 (Old Propex Heater Model)
  • The HS2800 version is suitable for:
    • HS2800 (Current Propex Heater Model)
    • Compact 1600 (Old Propex Heater Model)
Please Note

The Propex marine and vehicle flue pipes are different, the marine flue is designed to fit the marine outlet and does not have end caps.

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