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Propex Heatsource HS2000 24v Marine Gas Heaters

The Propex HS2000 24v heaters are thermostatically controlled extremely efficient blown air heating systems fuelled by propane or butane gas.

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Propex Heatsource 2000 24v - 1 Outlet (BC100B)

By: Propex, Part No.: HS2000/24/M1

Propex Heatsource 2000 24v - 2 Outlet (BC105B)

By: Propex, Part No.: HS2000/24/M2

Propex Heatsource 2000 24v - 3 Oulet (BC110B)

By: Propex, Part No.: HS2000/24/M3

Propex Heatsource HS2000 24v Marine Gas Heaters Information

Our thoughts...

Propex HS2000 complies with gas safety regulations and are approved for use under the Boat Safety Scheme.

Propex Heatsource HS2000 gas marine heaters are specially designed for use on boats; they offer you the comfort of home on board without needing to worry about your gas or battery consumption as they are extremely efficient and best of all safe; ideal for boat heating.

The gas boat heater kits are powered by a 24 volt power supply and run off either propane or butane gas cylinders to produce heat. They will run on Camping Gaz and Calor Gas Cylinders so these heaters are ideal if you already have a gas supply fitted in your boat.

Why should I buy a Propex Marine Gas Heater?

The Propex marine heaters are ideal for all types of vessels, especially petrol engined boats and sailing boats with or without engines. As a lot of boats already have an existing gas supply for cooking there is no need to install an additional fuel supply specifically for the heater; unlike a diesel heater which would require the installation of a diesel tank and supply in order to power it.

Thus the Propex Heatsource offers economic heating kits, making adding heating to your boat cheaper than ever.

Major benefits of a Propex Heatsource:

  • Economic Heater Kits
  • Efficient Fuel Usage
  • Fast Warm-Up Time
  • Fully CE Compliant
  • Tested to the Latest European Standards
  • Low Electrical Current Consumption
  • High Quality Components and Stainless Steel Burner
  • Quiet Operation
  • Thermostatically Controlled (Optional Timer Control Available)

The Propex Marine Gas Heater Kit

The gas heater kits come complete with everything you need to get the heater up and running:

  • Propex HS2000 Gas Heater (24v)
  • Heater Mounting Bracket
  • Electronic Thermostat
  • Stainless Steel Flue Pipes
  • Stainless Steel Marine Through Hull Inlet/Exhaust Fitting
  • Permanently Open Air Inlet
  • Permanently Open Air Outlet
  • Closeable and Adjustable Hot Air Outlet (to suit number of outlets)
  • Ducting (to suit number of outlets)
  • Ducting Y Fitting (to suit number of outlets)
  • Hose Clips (to suit number of outlets)
  • Vent Outlet Screws (to suit number of outlets)

Thermostatic Control

The Propex HS2000 kits come with a solid state electronic thermostat which automatically switches the unit on and off as appropriate to maintain the desired cabin temperature. There is minimal electric current consumption during heater ignition, so cycling the Heatsource on and off does not have the effect of additional battery drain. The thermostat is surface mounted so easy to install in the most convenient location.

Propex Marine Gas Heater Efficiency

With forced air combustion and the Propex two stage stainless steel heat-exchanger, the HS2000 is a clean and highly efficient way to heat your boat. To add to the efficiency, cabin air is normally re-circulated, re-heating already warm air, in preference to using new cold air from outside.

The Propex gas heater is also extremely quiet, although there will always be some air noise associated with a healthy throughput of air the overall heating system uses high quality balanced fans and smooth enclosed motors with ball race bearings to keep operational noise to a minimum.

Propex Marine Gas Heater Safety

Heatsource blown air heaters conform to the latest European standards for both the appliance and the electronics and during the rigorous testing the focus is very much on safety. The heaters also have to comply with an enhanced version of the Electro Mechanical Compatibility Directive to ensure they do not interfere with other electronics and that they are immune from interference by other electronics.

The intelligent electronics are continuously monitoring the operation of the heater to make sure everything is operating correctly and safely. This includes monitoring of the flame, case temperature, combustion airflow, gas solenoid valve and voltage. Should any of these stray outside of the predetermined levels, the heater will be switched off and the red light on the thermostat will indicate a fault by flashing a certain number of times.

The Heatsource HS2000 heaters are completely room sealed and exhaust all products of combustion externally through the neat stainless steels flue pipe to the stainless steel marine through hull inlet/exhaust fitting.

Propex HS2000 complies with gas safety regulations and are approved for use under the Boat Safety Scheme.

Average Gas Consumption

The chart below reflects the consumption of gas if the heater was running continuously.

Gas Cylinder Usage
3.9kg Propane 27.5 hours
4.5kg Butane 31.7 hours
13kg Propane 91.5 hours
15kg Butane 105.6 hours
19kg Butane 133.8 hours
47kg Butane 331 hours
904 Camping Gaz 12.75 hours
907 Camping Gaz 19.0 hours

Fitting and Installation

The Propex Heatsource HS2000 is easy to fit and can be mounted in almost any direction (as long as it's horizontal), as the heater is room sealed it can be fitted in lockers or under seats out of the way in otherwise unusable space.

Sheridan Marine offer a fitting service on the River Thames, if you have any questions about fitting a Propex HS2000 please contact us.

Facts and Figures

Heat Input 2.1kW
Heat Output 1.9kW
Voltage 24v
Current Consumption 1.4A Continuous
Air Throughput 60 C.F.M
Fuel Butane or Propane Gas

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