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Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment

A complete fuel treatment to protect and maintain all grades of petrol including E5 and E10 ethanol blends. Helps prevent oxidization, fuel phase separation and moisture in petrol.

By Quicksilver Marine Lubricants : 92-8M0079743
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Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment

Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment is a complete fuel treatment to help protect and maintain the quality of the petrol in your boat. It works with all blends of petrol including E5 and E10 ethanol blends and can be used in both 2 stroke and 4 stroke engines.

Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment should be used with every fill-up at a ratio of 0.8 millilitres treats 1 litre of fuel (1 ounce treats 10 US gallons of fuel).

Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment Advantages

  • Maximise engine performance with all grades of petrol
  • Help control corrosion, gum and varnish build-up.
  • Help control phase separation which is associated with ethanol-blended petrol.
  • Help control moisture and corrosion problems.
  • Cleans up existing varnish and gum deposits from fuel lines, fuel tanks, carburettors, injectors, intake valves and spark plugs.
  • Keeps petrol fresh between fill-ups for up to 12 months.

Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment and E10 Petrol

E10 Petrol contains up to 10% renewable ethanol which is designed to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions, however, it has a detrimental effect on your petrol when it is stored in your boats petrol tank.

Ethanol blended fuels can start 'phasing' or phase separating, this is when the ethanol in the fuel absorbs too much water, separates from the petrol, and drops to the bottom of the tank as the ethanol and water combination is then heavier than the petrol.

Using Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment with E10 petrol will help to combat water in the fuel and will also help slow down the oxidization of petrol. You can read more about E10 petrol and its effects on WaterMota Petrol Engines on our blog.

Mercury Quickare Fuel Treatment

Quicksilver Quickare Fuel Treatment is recommended for use by Mercury and Mercruiser and is also known as Mercury Quickare Fuel Treatment.


Quantity 355ml
Treats Approximately 454L

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