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Ratchet Strap - 25mm x 4.5m

A heavy duty ratchet tie down strap with strong, durable webbing with connecting hooks and a molded grip for safety and comfort.

By Brookstone : BR350510
Part #: RP905
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Ratchet Strap - 25mm x 4.5m

A heavy duty boat ratchet tie down strap with strong, durable webbing and powder cotaed connecting hooks. This boat ratchet strap can be a useful tool to have onboard or even in the car, it might be useful as a boat trailer strap.

Amongst its uses we find ratchet straps can often be used to help build boat windows when new rubbers and internal materials have been changed. When new rubbers are used it is sometimes harder to set the window in place so that the screws align correctly. By gently tightening the windows with one or two ratchet straps it could help to apply the needed tension to draw the frames together.

Please note: It is important to consider whether this method is suitable for the window in question. The use of a rachet strap for this application is not without risk. As with all jobs it is important to act with good judgement, 'feel' for the likely outcome throughout the entirety of the job in question. Please also remember to take health and safety precautions were necessary. Occasionally, even the best of us shatter a glass panel!

​Ratchet Strap Specifications

Length 4.5m
Width 25mm
Maximum Load 600kg

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