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Remote Greaser

Solid brass remote greaser that forces grease through a grease tube located in a convenient location to stern gear below the deck.

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Remote Greaser (SG035)

By: Guidi, Part No.: 1300#130000
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Remote Greaser Information

A remote greaser is designed to make regular greasing of components as easy as possible. The greaser can hold up to 0.15 litres (5 fl oz.) of grease in the containment tube and can be positioned in more accessible locations onboard.

This greaser is made from solid brass with a hand crank screw thread plunger that forces the grease through a greasing tube. The plunger has a 'T' bar handle and an internal rubber seal to ensure the pump vacuum keeps the correct pressure.

It is always important to grease items such as the stern gland stuffing box, rudder and other moving items in the bilge. Greasing is a regular servicing job and this remote greaser helps to make this job easier and more regular.

The boat greaser can be installed using the four fixing holes positioned on the base. Two of the fixing holes are located flat on the base and two are located at 90 degree angles. This allows you to install the greaser to the floor or to a side panel.

Remote Greaser Specification

Height when empty 180mm
Height when full 270mm
Base Width 80mm
Fixing Hole Centres 60mm
Screw Thread 1/8" BSP

Please note: It is important to consider the type of grease that is suitable for a remote greaser. Usually this is a thin grease so the grease can pass through the greasing tube more easily (grease tube sold separately).

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