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Remote Greaser Tube Kit

A nylon remote grease tube and brass fittings for fitting a remote greaser system.

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Remote Greaser Parts Kit (SG035A)

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Remote Greaser Tube Kit Information

This remote grease tube kit is designed to take grease directly from a remote greaser to items that require greasing such as the stuffing gland on the propeller shaft.

This remote greaser tube kit works with the Remote Greasers, it comes with one fitting for the remote greaser (1/8 BSP) and two different size stud coupling fittings (1/8 BSP and 1/4 BSP) for the greasing point.

It is always important to grease items such as the stern gland stuffing box, rudder and other moving items in the bilge. Greasing is a regular servicing job and this remote greaser helps to make this job easier and more regular.

Remote Greaser Tube Kit Specification

Approximate Tube Length 3m

Included in the Remote Greaser Tube Kit

  • 5/16" Flexible Nylon Tube (approximately 3m)
  • 1/8" BSP Tube Fitting (x2)
  • 1/4" BSP Tube Fitting

Please note: It is important to consider the type of grease that is suitable for a remote greaser. Usually this is a thin grease so the grease can pass through the greasing tube more easily (remote greaser sold separately).

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