Removable Boarding Ladders
  • Removable Boarding Ladders
  • Boarding Ladder 3 Step - Plastic
  • Boarding Ladders - Plastic
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  • Boarding Ladders - Plastic
  • 5 Step Removable Boarding Ladder

Removable Boarding Ladders

A hook-on removable boarding ladder with white nylon steps and aluminium support frame.

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3 Step Removable Boarding Ladder (FE7802)

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4 Step Removable Boarding Ladder (FE7803)

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5 Step Removable Boarding Ladder (FE7804)

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Removable Boarding Ladders Information

This plastic step and aluminium frame boarding ladder is a very practical and useful way to provided access to a boat via the water.

This lightweight boarding ladder can be easily placed anywhere suitable on board as the holding hooks do not require any bracket fitting. Used for either fun or safety, this ladder can be stored on board out of the way when not in use and quickly positioned in case of an emergency - it is surprising how difficult it is to pull yourself (or others) into a boat when there is no emergency; if an emergency occurs it becomes extremely difficult.

The ladder comes complete with folding support arms that are positioned towards the lower part of the ladder and are used to add stability. This supports have adjustable distance variations to increase the ladders use with the addition of ball joint support ends so that the supports can lay flush with the side of the boat.

The hooks that hold the ladder in place on the deck have rubber caps for protection of your boat and ladder and can fold flush making the ladder extremely flat for storage.

Removable Boarding Ladders Specification

  FE7802 FE7803 FE7804
Number of Steps 3 4 5
Height 87cm 120cm 148cm
Width 37cm
Open Depth 31cm
Closed Depth 7cm
Gap Between Steps 255mm

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