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Solar Trickle Chargers

12 volt solar panel trickle chargers designed to keep your batteries power topped up, alleviating natural power discharge.

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Solar Trickle Charger 1.5w (EQ261)


Solar Trickle Charger 2.4w (EQ262)


Solar Trickle Charger 6w (EQ263)


Solar Trickle Chargers Information

The twelve volt solar trickle chargers (solar power battery maintainers) help to alleviate the natural discharge from your batteries. The solar panels come complete with a cable kit so that it can be plugged into a cigarette lighter or connected directly to your batteries with crocodile clips.

The solar panels works in all weather conditions, which is handy when you don't have bright sunshine everyday! They will continually send power as long as the solar panel receives natural daylight and they will not drain the batteries overnight so you can leave them plugged in.

They can be mounted either inside or outside thanks to the durable weatherproof housing, on most boats they sit nicely inside the cockpit under the windscreen.

Solar Panel Specifications

  EQ261 EQ262 EQ263
Length 352mm 352mm 500mm
Width 125mm 214mm 345mm
Depth 14mm
Power Rating (max) 1.5 Watts 2.4 Watts 6 Watts
Current (max) 86mA 138mA 343mA
Voltage 12v

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