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Rule Inline Water Pump IL200

A fully submersible or inline basic 12 volt fresh water pump providing 760 litres/200 gallons per hour.

Inline Water Pump iL200 (Niagra)

By Rule : iL200
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Rule Inline Water Pump IL200

The Rule IL200 Inline Water Pump is a portable 12 volt, fully submersible or inline centrifugal water pump and is suitable for fresh or salt water and can be used to transfer water as a supply to a deck shower, a deck wash or a drinking water system.

Formally known as the LVM Niagara water pump this pump is small, slim line, convenient and robust with the ability to be used on water systems up to a temperature of 60ºC or as a bilge pump-out in tight areas, due to its compact nature, with the use of the clip-on easily cleaned plastic filter.


Length 130mm
Diameter 36mm
Applications Fresh Water / Sea Water / Bilge Water
Head 25ft (7.6m)
Output Up to 760 litres per hour (up to 12.7 litres per minute) at up to 1bar / 200 gallons per hour (2.8 gallons per minute) at up to 14psi
Cable Length 1m
Outlets 10mm (3/8") and 13mm (1/2")
Voltage 12v
Maximum Amps 2.8 amps
Please Note

This Rule pump should not be run dry for long periods and is not suitable for pumping petrol or diesel. Specific pumps for pumping diesel are also available at Sheridan Marine.

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