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Sea Searcher Magnet

A high strength, sea-searcher magnet capable of lifting 64kg (140lb) yet completely 'compass safe' when in storage.

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Sea Searcher Magnet

An invaluable tool to have onboard this magnet has the capacity of lifting 64kg (140lb) for rescuing items dropped overboard. By using the specially designed plates that channel the magnet strength to one contact point it produces excellent magnetic strength.

With its design, when it is in storage,it is completely 'compass safe' at six feet. This means you can store the magnet anywhere onboard so long as it is six foot away from your compass, a very useful feature. The protective bottom plate absorbs the main magnet force thus reducing its strength when not in use.

Sea Searcher Magnet Specifications

Length 100mm
Height 84mm
Depth 32mm
Capacity 64kg (140lb)

Our thoughts...

A great tool to have on board. We use this at Sheridan Marine when the inevitable happens and one of our tools decides to jump in! - It doesn't take long to fish it out again!

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