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Seaflo Fixed Handle Bilge Pump

A Seaflo compact lightweight manual bilge water transfer pump with a fixed handle for the transfer of water.

By Seaflo : SFDHP-G720-01
Part #: WA610
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Seaflo Fixed Handle Bilge Pump

This Seaflo compact boat bilge pump is particularly ideal for confined spaces in the bilge of your boat due to its design and configuration. With a relatively small footprint, this pump can be mounted to the deck or bulkhead with ease.

The Seaflo Diaphragm hand pump works by using a flexible diaphragm that is moved up and down by a lever or handle. As the diaphragm is compressed, it creates a vacuum that draws the liquid into the pump chamber, and as it expands, it forces the liquid out through a discharge port.

Seaflo diaphragm hand pumps are designed for use in marine and boating applications, and they are commonly used to pump water from bilges or other compartments on boats.


Diaphragm Material EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer)
Suitable for Water only
Flow Rate up to 55 Litres per minute (14.5 US Gallons per minute) / 
Height with Handle Down (Handle Up) 80mm (270mm)
Width 130mm
Length (Including Handle) 181mm (288mm)
Suction Lift 4m (13.5ft)
Discharge Head 3m (10ft)
Hose Connection 1 1/4" (33mm)
Material Glass-filled Polypropylene

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