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Siphon Pump Kit

Hand pump siphon pump suitable for oil extraction and liquid transfer.

Part #: EC394
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Siphon Pump Kit

The engine oil extractor is is a neat hand pump siphon pump kit that is suitable for the extraction of oil and the transfer of most liquids. The hand pump has a robust hand plunge that fits neatly into your palm so suitable force can be applied when pumping.The dipstick hoses can be used on a variety of dipstick pipes and there are different colour and size hose with the accessories kit which is included.

This budget oil extractor maybe suitable for the pre-season oil change for you boats engine.

Items included:

  • Hand Pump
  • Dipstick Tubes
  • Flow Pipes
  • Connectors

Siphon Pump Kit Specifications

Height 220mm
Diameter 45mm

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