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Skull & Crossbones Pirate Flag

A printed skull and crossbones Jolly Roger pirate flag, add a little fun to your boats mast. Make it known that the crew onboard are pirates and outlaws!

Part #: GW903
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Skull & Crossbones Pirate Flag

Great for lil' pirates to explore the oceans and coves along the river... you never know what you may find on the seas so warn off fellow sailors with the infamous pirate signal - "Yo-Ho!".

The printed Jolly Roger pirate flag features the famous Skull and Crossbones design printed onto cotton and comes complete with a rope sewn into one side and a loop at the top.

The Jolly Roger (Skull and Crossbones) flag design is synonymous with pirates of the sea. When flown on a vessel it is designed to frighten other vessels that the crew onboard are outlaws, not bound by the usual rules of engagement and that it is a wise idea for the pirates victims to surrender without a fight.


Width 46cm
Height 30cm

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