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Slim Line Fixed Canopy Clamp

Slim line chrome fixed canopy bar clamp that provides pivoting support for additional canopy bars.

Part #: HF609
Availability: Only 1 Remaining


Slim Line Fixed Canopy Clamp

This slim line chrome boat canopy (hood) bar clamp is designed to be fixed along a hood bar to support an additional canopy bar pivoting from the canopy bar clamp.

This slim line hood fitting provides a very sturdy connection for hood bars whilst being as thin as possible so as not to be obtrusive. Hood bars can be under a certain amount of strain with the weight of the hood and any possible build up of water when it rains.

Slim Line Fixed Canopy Clamp Specifications

Finish Chrome
Height 26mm
Width 23mm
Depth 46mm
Canopy Bar Hole Diameter 19mm (3/4")
Connecting Bar Slot Width 8mm

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