Splicing Nut - 8mm

Splicing Nut

A pair of easy to use, re-usable, screw-together splicing nut for braided rope splicing.

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9mm Rope Splicing Nut (RP380B)


8mm Rope Splicing Nut (RP380A)

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Splicing Nut Information

A splicing nut provides an easy method of connecting braided line to fittings by producing a positive stop in the rope end. By overlapping the rope within the splicing nut casing, using the screw thread attachment, the rope end holds fast within the chamber. This overlapping feature disperses the strain that the rope may encounter and ensures the loop in the rope holds steady.

These rope splicing nuts can be unscrewed and re-used again and again so make an ideal tool to have onboard.

Splicing Nut Specifications

  RP380A RP380B
Rope Diameter 8mm 9mm
Length 67mm 67mm
Diameter 33mm 33mm

Please note: Splicing nuts are not intended for use in high tensile applications where the ultimate breaking strength of the line is expected. Rope and block sold separately.

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