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Stainless Steel Boarding Ladders

Stainless steel boarding ladder with fixed steps and folding steps configurations.

Trem Stainless Steel Boarding Ladder with 2 Fixed & 1 Folding Step

Part #: ST240A
Availability: Not Currently Available

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Trem Stainless Steel Boarding Ladder with 3 Fixed & 2 Folding Steps

Part #: ST240C
Availability: Discontinued
This product has been discontinued and is currently unavailable.

Stainless Steel Boarding Ladders

These stainless steel boat boarding ladder have stainless steel tube steps with plastic tube fittings that fold neatly closed for storage.

The boarding ladders have two 180 degree fixing brackets so that the boat ladder can be attached to a horizontal surface such as a boat deck or vertical surfaces such as the transom. The mounts can either be screwed down in place for a permanent fitting or by installing removable bracket bases to allow for easy removal of the ladder.

The ladder comes complete with two clips to hold the ladder closed when it has been folded and plastic feet on the end of the support legs to avoid scratching the side of a boat.

Trem Boat Boarding Ladder Specifications

  ST240A ST240C
Step Configuration 2 x 1 3 x 2
Height Folded Up 565mm 810mm
Height Folded Down 770mm 1260mm
Width 260mm 290mm
Depth 165mm
Gap Between Steps 235mm
Frame Diameter 25mm (1")
Support Feet Length 110mm - 180mm

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