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Stainless Steel Canopy Mounts

Stainless steel canopy bar mounts that provide fixed pivoting support for boat canopy bars.

Stainless Steel Canopy Side Mount

Part #: HF621
Availability: In Stock

Stainless Steel Canopy Mounts

These rectangle stainless steel canopy (hood) mounts are designed to be permanently attached to the boat. The fixing allows the canopy bar to pivot backwards and forwards as desired when raising or lowering your boats canopy.

These stainless steel hood fittings provide a very sturdy connection for hood bars. Hood bars can be under a certain amount of strain with the weight of the hood and any possible build up of water when it rains.

Fixed Canopy Mounts Specifications

Length 50mm
Width 22mm
Height 30mm
Fixing Hole Centres 37mm

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