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Stainless Steel Searchlight Bulb

A high power warm white replacement halogen bulb for the Stainless Steel Searchlight.

Part #: LF159
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Stainless Steel Searchlight Bulb

This high power halogen bulb is a direct replacement bulb for the Stainless Steel Searchlight.

What is a halogen bulb?

A halogen bulb, also known as a tungsten halogen or quartz iodine bulb is an incandescent bulb with a small amount of iodine or bromine (halogen) added. A chemical reaction takes place, called the halogen cycle, that allows the bulb to shine brighter and more clearly for a greater length of time compared to a standard incandescent bulb.

Stainless Steel Searchlight Bulb Specifications

Light Colour Warm White
Voltage 12v
Compatible with Stainless Steel Searchlight