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Stainless Steel Steady Boiler Kettle

A stainless steel whistling kettle with a push button spout release and wide bottom plate for more efficient boiling.

Stainless Steel Kettle

Part #: FE205
Availability: In Stock

Stainless Steel Steady Boiler Kettle

This stainless steel whistling gas hob kettle is robustly constructed with a rigid plastic handle and button press spout cap which is released by pressing the button on the handle. Pressing the button down opens the spout cap to allow for filling and pouring, this is a useful feature if conditions onboard get a little choppy!

The satin finish stainless steel kettle features a wide bottom base designed to maximise the capture of the gas frame to improve boiling efficiency and the lip on the base can be gripped securely under pan clamps. The boat kettle also has a separate water filler positioned on the top of the kettle (underneath the handle), with its own filler cap, to speed up water filling and allows for better judging of water height depending on how many cups of tea you intend to pour!

With a large 2.7 litre water capacity and 'quick boil' design this camping kettle can pour enough cups of tea to keep the captain more than happy!

Stainless Steel Kettle Specifications

Diameter 225mm
Height 200mm
Internal Handle Width 140mm
Internal Handle Height 50mm
Capacity 2.7L

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