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Star brite Non-Toxic Pink Antifreeze

A non-toxic, ready-to-use anti-freeze for boat engines and boat and caravan freshwater systems, providing cold weather protection down to -46°C (-50°F).

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Star brite Non-Toxic Pink Antifreeze

Star brite Pink Non-Toxic Anti-freeze is a ready-to-use anti-freeze for boat engines and boat and caravan freshwater systems, providing cold weather protection down to -46°C (-50°F).

Star brite Non-Toxic Pink Antifreeze in Fresh Water Systems

Star brite Non-Toxic Pink Antifreeze is safe for use in freshwater systems during the winter, however, it is not safe to consume and must be drained from the system before using the fresh water again.

  • Drain down the water from the water system and tank.
  • Drain any hot water calorifier tanks.
  • Bypass the hot water calorifier tank by connecting the inlet and outlet hoses together.
  • Add the antifreeze to the water tank.
  • Pressurise the system by turning the water pump on.
  • Then starting with the furthest tap from the tank turn each tap on until antifreeze appears.
  • Then turn off the tap and repeat the process on the rest of the taps on the boat or in the caravan.

In the spring when you wish to use the water system again for drinking or washing make sure you flush the system through for at least 20 minutes with fresh water until all the coloured antifreeze has disappeared, then refill the tank with fresh water.

Before refilling the fresh water it might be a good time to use a tank cleaner such as Elsan Water Tank Cleaner or Puri Sol Water Tank Cleaner.

Star brite Non-Toxic Pink Antifreeze in Engine Winterisation

  • Make all the necessary repairs to cooling systems prior to treatment.
  • Follow engine manufacturers' procedure for draining coolant.
  • Fill engine cooling system with -46°C antifreeze - DO NOT Dilute.
  • When egine is put back into service, drain this antifreeze. Dispose of used antifreeze properly, according to government regulations.

What protection can I expect from this anti-freeze?

Star brite -46°C Burst Protection Non-Toxic Anti-Freeze provides up to -46°C based on a copper pipe filled with this anti-freeze. A PVC pipe filled with this anti-freeze is likely to burst at -23°C. If temperatures are likely to drop below minus 23°C then it is recommended to use an anti-freeze designed to protect against harsher conditions.

This antifreeze contains corrosion inhibitors which protect against rust and corrosion of aluminium, copper, solder, and brass. It will not harm rubber or other hose and gasket material.

Star brite Non-Toxic -50 Pink Antifreeze Dilution

Star brite Non-Toxic Pink Antifreeze should not be diluted and should be used neat from the bottle.


Quantity 3.78L
Colour Pink
Burst protection -46°C (Copper pipes) / -23°C (PVC pipes)
Freeze Protection -11°C (Copper pipes) / -11°C (PVC pipes)

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