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Star brite Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner

An environmentally friendly biodegradable bilge cleaner that helps degrease boat bilges and leaves them smelling clean and fresh.

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Star brite Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner

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Remember to check local authorities for regulations regarding the disposal of oils and fuel in the bilge.

Star brite Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner is an easy to use, environmentally friendly, cleaning agent specially formulated to dissolve oil, grease, sludge and fuel to clean and leave smelling fresh all boat bilge areas.

To use simply pour into the engine bay bilge area, run the boat for approximately an hour and drain/clear the bilge once safely stopped. Following the instructions on the label should leave the bilge clean and smelling great. It also helps to eliminate the build up of explosive fumes that can be generated from engine use.

Star brite Sea Safe Bilge Cleaner Specifications

Quantity 1L

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