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Star brite Spider Away

An eco-friendly non-harmful liquid spider repellent lasting for 3-6 months.

By Star brite : 095022
Part #: CM097
Availability: Discontinued
This product has been discontinued and is currently unavailable.

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Star brite Spider Away

Spiders tend to find boats a rather attractive place to live, warm, cosy and plenty of food - all those flying insects to catch!

Thus, it can be quite a shock opening the cover of your boat to then be bombarded with descending spiders from all angles, and before you can reorientate yourself, they have run off to another safe spot before you can catch them! The simplest way to avoid this type of attack is preventive measures, this is where Star brite Spider Away spray can help.

Spraying affected areas can stop spiders from appearing for 3-6 months. Better yet it's eco-friendly, safe for use on most materials (including plastic, fibreglass, metal, vinyl, wood, glass and painted surfaces) and it's non harmful to the spiders - although you may or may not consider this a plus point!

You will need to clear the spiders away first, along with their webs for the most effective use - no spider repellent spray that we know of is that effective yet!

Star brite Spider Away Specifications

Quantity 650ml

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