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Star brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner

A non corrosive marine toilet cleaner that cleans, de-scales and de-odorises toilets.

By Star brite : 086416
Part #: CM552
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Star brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner

Star brite Toilet Bowl Cleaner is a powerful toilet cleaner that cleans, brightens and removes stains from plastic and porcelain bowls. It is specially formulated for marine use as it will not damage seals or valves within the toilet system.

This toilet cleaner also eliminates odours and leaves the bowl fresh and clean without the need for hard rubbing or scrubbing.

How to use:

Star brite Toilet Cleaner should be applied to the bowl and left to work for about 5-10 minutes. Swirl and wash around and flush toilet to rinse clean.

Star brite Toilet Cleaner Specifications

Quantity 500ml


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