Sterling Pro Power Inverter - 12v 150w

Sterling Pro Power Inverter - 12v 150w

Converts 12 volt battery power into 230 volts, 150 watt continuous, for running laptops, notebooks, radios, mobile phones, cameras, games consoles, small televisions and much more.

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Sterling Pro Power Inverter - 12v 150w (EE506)

By: Sterling Power Products, Part No.: I12150

Sterling Pro Power Inverter - 12v 150w Information

Sterling Power Products 'ProDigital' mobile power source converts 12 volt battery power into 230 volts A/C 50 hz up to 200 watt, 150 watt continuous, quasi sine wave form.

Manufactured with an aluminium casing with power/status LED indicators, universal socket and high surge capacity; all designed for maximum usage and usage simplicity.

Part of the ProDigital 4D Technology range; Dynamic, Digital, Durable, Design.

There are several safety features packed into this inverter:

  • Output short circuit protected
  • Input polarity protected
  • Low battery shut down
  • Over temperature shut down
  • Overload shut down

Sterling Pro Power Inverter Specifications

Length 165mm
Height 91mm
Width 67mm
Input voltage 10-15v d/c on 12v
Max load d/c current 15 amps 12v
Stand by current 0.25 amps 12v
Output voltage 230v
Output wave form modified sine wave
Output frequency 50 hz
Continuous output power 150 watt
Peak output power 200 watt
Efficiency 90%
Battery low shut down approximately 10v
Thermal shut down 60 degrees
Overload protected yes
Output short circuit protected yes
Battery polarity protected yes, by fuse inside d/c plug
Fuse 15 amp 12v

Please note: Please read supplied manufacturers instructions carefully before use to ensure correct usage and compatibility.

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