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Strap Filter Wrench

An oil filter removal wrench strap with high strength nylon band and 1/2" wrench socket.

Oil Filter Strap Wrench

Part #: CM810
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Strap Filter Wrench

This oil filter removal wrench strap has a high strength nylon band and 1/2" wrench socket drive for removing difficult or stubborn oil filters.

If space around the filter is an issue this strap wrench provides a unique way to help remove difficult oil filters. By wrapping the fabric around the oil filter and creating a tight fix on the filter that torque from the applied pressure on the wrench helps to loosen the oil filter gradually.

Oil Filter Strap Wrench Specifications

Strap Diameter 130mm
Wrench Connection 1/2"
Please Note

Oil filter removals tools should not be used to refit oil filters. Please follow oil filter fitting guidance.

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