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Swim Stirrup

Get back into your boat a little easier with this deck mountable smiw stirrup, it works just like a horse riding stirrup giving you a much need "leg-up"!

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Swim Stirrup (BE050)


Swim Stirrup Information

Sometimes, getting back into your boat after a quick swim or in fact during an emergency can be very difficult. In the open water there is nothing to help you push yourself up to be able to pull yourself back onboard easily, you would require tremendous upper body strength to do this usually.

A swim stirrup is a device that offers you a "leg-up" and may help you get back into your boat a little easier. The boat stirrup works just like a horse riding stirrup, when mounted correctly onto your boat the stirrup provides a sturdy step that can be lowered into the water to give you a helping hand.

This marine stirrup is molded from high strength, light weight structural foam which floats on the surface while not in use so it is easy to find when bobbing about! The swim stirrup is also compact enough to store onboard while not in use too and features a raised tread on the step for better grip.

A strong deck cleat is supplied with this stirrup along with a strong braided rope, stainless steel fixing screws and fitting instructions. When installed correctly it can support up to 136kg (300 lbs.) and can be fitted to most boats including river cruisers, ski boats, fishing boats, sailboats and dinghies.

Swim Stirrup Specifications

Step Width 220mm
Step Depth 57mm
Rope Length 1.5m
Weight 250g (300 lbs.)

Included in the Swim Stirrup

  • Swim Stirrup
  • Deck Cleat
  • Braided Rope
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
  • Installation Instructions

Please note: For use only when the boat is in the water and with the motor turned off.

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