Switch Push/Pull
  • Switch Push/Pull
  • Switch Push/Pull

Switch Push/Pull

A robust 'Push / Pull' switch for simple 'On / Off' function.

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Switch Push/Pull (EL100)


Switch Push/Pull Information

With a long threaded switch neck this 'Push / Pull' switch can be installed in a variety of locations. The twin screw nuts provide an excellent ability to position the switch neck in a position that best suits the application.

Finished with a black plastic knob that is ergonomically designed for easy use and ridged base with two 'screw' type wire terminals at the bottom for connecting the wires to.

Push Pull Switch Specifications

Base Length 30mm
Base Width 22mm
Base Height 22mm
Shaft Length 19mm
Shaft Diameter 8mm
Voltage 12v
Maximum Amperage 6 amps at 12v

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