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Teroson UP190 Hardener

Hardener for Teroson (Plastic Padding) fillers.

By Plastic Padding : UP190
Part #: HT035
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Teroson UP190 Hardener

An additional hardener for Teroson (Plastic Padding) fillers, resins and chemical metal. Handy if you have misplaced the original hardener.

Suitable for:

This additional Plastic Padding hardener is not suitable for Teroson (Plastic Padding) Gelcoat Filler as it is red and will leave the gelcoat filler with a pink tinge. If you are painting over the finished gelcoat then you can use this hardener as the colour won't matter. Unfortunately, the additional hardener for the Gelocat Filler is no longer available on its own.


Quantity 15g
Colour Red

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