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Treadmaster Marine Epoxy Adhesive

A two-pack, highly robust and extremely strong bonding adhesive ideally suited for applying to Treadmaster matting.

By Treadmaster
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Treadmaster Marine Epoxy Adhesive

Treadmaster two-pack Marine Epoxy adhesive is designed to provide the ultimate bonding performance. Ideal for use on a wide range of deck materials, it provides a bond that is suitable for the most arduous of conditions. When correctly used it will give a long-lasting bond between Treadmaster and most surface materials including wood, glass-fiber, aluminium, steel, and ferroconcrete.

Treadmaster Marine Epoxy adhesive is a two-part adhesive. When the two parts are mixed together the adhesive will harden over time. This hardening process is much slower than with a contact adhesive (a pot life of about 1 hour is usual, although this will reduce as the temperature rises); and the adhesive is initially more liquid-based which allows for a certain amount of flexibility when positioning the Treadmaster sheets to get the desired position.

As the adhesive takes time to harden, and once the sheets are in position, they should be weighted down in order to hold them in place whilst the adhesive hardens. Once the adhesive has hardened, Treadmaster Marine Epoxy gives a very strong bond.


Quantity 600g
Coverage Approximately 2 Treadmaster 1200 x 900mm Sheets

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