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Treadmaster Treadcote

A coating designed to rejuvenate the appearance of heavily weathered or stained Treadmaster flooring.

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Treadmaster Treadcote Information

Treadmaster Treadcote is specifically designed to be applied to Treadmaster flooring to rejuvenate faded or slightly worn flooring.

This specially designed coating is not an 'everyday ordinary' paint. 'Ordinary' paint will crack and flake in a relatively short time becoming unsightly and may result in the original deck covering having to be completely replaced. Treadcote will provide a much more robust and long lasting protective layer when applied correctly.

A 1 Litre container of Treadcote will cover approximately 6 square metres for a single coat. It is recommended to apply two coats to fully rejuvenate Treadmaster flooring (this however depends on the condition of the flooring).

Treadmaster Treadcote Specifications

Quantity 1L

Please note: Treadcote is only recommended for use on Treadmaster and may not be suitable for use on other surfaces. Treadmaster would not suggest applying a Treadcote colour to a different colour of Treadmaster, but if this is unavoidable at least two coats will be required.

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