Aluminium Boat Hook
  • Aluminium Boat Hook
  • Aluminium Boat Hook
  • Aluminium Boat Hook

Trem Aluminium Boat Hook

A light weight aluminium boat hook with ergonomic plastic grip handle and plastic hook.

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Trem Aluminium Boat Hook (FE023)

By: Trem,
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Trem Aluminium Boat Hook Information

This light weight aluminium boat hook features an ergonomic plastic grip handle at one end and a plastic hook & point at the other which can be useful for collecting ropes or other items from the water and may also be useful in an emergency situation.

The aluminium design means this light weight boat hook weighs less than 400g meaning it is more easily held, even when at full length.

Aluminium Boat Hook Specifications

Material Aluminium
Weight 350g (approximately)
Length 166cm
Diameter 25mm

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